10 Ways to Drink More Water Daily

Apr 25, 2020 | Articles, Nutrition, Wellness

Drink more water daily – 10 ways to make it happen. No excuse!

When you are busy or out traveling, it is easy to forget to drink water. Then, the moment you do remember is when you are already in a state of dehydration. This makes it difficult to drink enough water in a day. 

Unfortunately, this is something our bodies can’t get right. Our body has a delayed response when it comes to water. This is why it is so important to maintain hydration even when you don’t feel the need to. 

Benefits of drinking water

Drinking water is essential for metabolism, nutrient transport, temperature regulation, and your skin, etc. Basically, every bodily function. 

Here are 10 ways to drink more water daily

Drink water first thing in the morning

This has been thee first thing I do when I wake up. One thing that I have noticed is a difference in my bowel movements, making me on time every morning. And rightfully so because this restores water in the colon, making it easier to go if you know what I mean! Another benefit is you get a head start on drinking plenty of water in the day. 

Drink water every hour

When I used to work at Disney World as a photographer, I made sure to drink water every top of the hour. Yes, this increases the chances of going to the restroom, but this is a great way to ensure you are drinking enough water daily. 

Eat your water

You might be thinking… Whaat? Guess what! Fruits and veggies contain water. They not only contain high amounts of water, they contain micronutrients, and you can eat plenty of them at the expense of low calories (because of the high content of water). This makes it a triple threat! 

Infuse yours water

Maybe you are the kind of person that finds water boring and tasteless. Well, there is a solution to this! You can muddle some fruit combinations such as strawberry-lime, mixed-berries, or cucumber-orange. This will help you look forward to drinking more water daily and feel less of a chore. 

Drink water before eating

When your body let’s you know you’re hungry, drink water first! The reason for this is because your body could mistake thirst for hunger. Once you drink water, wait a little while, you will then know if it was truly hunger or just thirst.

Replace other drinks with water

When you eat out, this is a great opportunity to ask for water or water with lime instead of your usual soda, beer,  etc. I do not mean to kill your joy, but I say this with good reason! A lot of restaurant foods contain high amounts of salt. Your body needs water especially during this time to delude the salt, this is why you end up feeling thirsty. 

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Get a reusable water bottle

Preferably an insulated water bottle to keep it cool. This not only will help you save money when you are out and about, but it will help keep you hydrated instead of buying water when you are thirsty. I use this one, but if that one is too obnoxious for you (I have been told), you can use a smaller one.

Set a daily goal

Goals are great to help keep you motivated. You can set a goal to challenge yourself to reach them. You can even compete with someone to see who gets to their daily goal first. With the free app Hydro Coach (not sponsored), you can set goals that way you always know where you are at.

Track your water

Speaking of where you are at, you can use Hydro Coach to customize by ounces that way you can track more easily during the day. Another way to track your water is by mentally counting how many reusable water bottles you drink during the day.

Set reminders

As I mentioned, it is easy to forget to drink water, especially on a busy day. In this case, you can set alarms on your phone or use the fun app, Hydro Coach. Here you will have a built-in friend who will remind you to drink up throughout the day.

Final thoughts on drinking water daily 

At this point, you really do not have an excuse not to drink enough water daily. Whether you are busy, traveling, or out with your friends, you should always stay hydrated. So let me ask you, what would you rather be, a grape or a raisin? Catch my drift? Great!

Which is your go-to for drinking enough water in the day?

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