My eating philosophy

I eat a primarily whole food plant-based diet. It is what works for me and I love how it makes me feel. Plant foods are full of vitamins and minerals that our body needs to thrive. 

I don’t believe there is good or bad when it comes to food, there is just more nutritious and less nutritious. 

I eat what I want and that’s mostly just whole foods prepared in simple and delicious ways. I include other minimally processed items here and there. I try to keep my recipes as simple and minimal as I can. Most of the recipes you’ll find on Evolving Naked don’t require any fancy or hard to find ingredients, because that is not realistic to me.


I grocery shop and cook vegan at home. All the recipes on Evolving Naked are vegan. However, I don’t label my diet or eating philosophy in any way, nor feel I have to explain my dietary choices to anyone.

Others may call me vegan because I eat plant-based 100% of the time. But, I say I am not vegan.

I never eat animal products, which include meat, fish, fowl, eggs, dairy, and honey. I understand how this alone classifies me as a vegan. I am also lactose intolerant, which prevents me from consuming dairy either way. 

The reason why I do not classify myself as a vegan is because I don’t like to be put in a box. I am still fairly new to a plant-based lifestyle, and I have to say, I have seen and read how extremists come after people. I believe it is important to show compassion for everyone, especially those starting out. If you make a mistake, don’t be hard on yourself. 

Unpopular opinion: I don’t think everyone is 100% vegan. Animal products are in what we wear, in our homes, and if you take trips via car, boat or plane, they use fossil fuels to get you from point A to B. 

In this day and age it is difficult to avoid anything that contains animal products. However, I find comfort in doing my part to be one more person moving in the direction to take care of the animals, this planet, and my health. 

So overall and certainly day-to-day, I eat what’s considered a “vegan” diet. My choice to eat plant-based is ethical, environmental, and health related.


There is a misconception that eating healthy equates to eating tasteless and boring food. If that were true, this alone would make it feel like a chore. I think food should be fun even when it includes whole, fresh, and real food. The key is creativity and balance. 

Enjoy food! The 80/20 rule is a good general rule for creating a balanced diet. I love food.. I do, I love to eat. Occasionally, I have brownies, icecream, and veggie burgers. How I eat is just a part of my lifestyle and I am super passionate about it. 

The reasons we eat should not only be to survive, but to also keep the body healthy and strong. The aesthetics of fitness is only a byproduct of eating foods that are healthy for you.

I love cooking at home, and enjoy experimenting with recipes and new food items. I enjoy the energy and workout recovery experience I get from a healthy plant-based diet. 

I try to avoid overly processed foods and stick to wholesome ingredients. However, I still do each processed food on occasion because– life is short! Especially with all the vegan alternatives that are available today. 

Eating should not have to be complicated and stressful. If you are starting out, whether that be eating healthier or eating plant-based, of course it will feel uncomfortable at first because you might not know how to put meals together. Lucky for you, there is the internet where you can search with a few keywords to find ideas that inspire you. 

Here at Evolving Naked, you will also find recipes to inspire you in the kitchen that will eventually lead you to put your own spin on things or come up with new ideas on your own. 

I am hoping to show you that healthy and fun can coexist. 


Afterall, I am not a doctor or professional. If you are trying anything new, you should always consult with a professional. My passion lies with food and health, so you will find information and my own experiences here. What works for me may not necessarily be what’s best for you. If you do find a recipe or tips here on something that makes healthy eating less complicated and more enjoyable, I’m thrilled!


As I’ve mentioned earlier, I eat processed foods occasionally. I don’t restrict myself because then I would be missing out on a lot. That said, when it comes to social events, holidays, and traveling, I make sure to try new dishes at restaurants, and I don’t leave snacks out. 

I am weak for brownies, butter pecan ice cream, or anything chocolate. 

So while I do eat foods that are good for the mind and body, I also make sure to eat foods that are good for the soul.

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