7 Natural Ways I Stop a Common Cold in its Tracks

Apr 25, 2020 | Articles, Wellness

Stop a common cold – 7 natural ways I do it

The truth is, I rarely get sick, but when I do feel it coming, I try to do everything that I am about to mention to get rid of it. The things I do are not in any particular order, but I do use them in combination. I try not to use over the counter medications unless it is a last resort. 

This information is based on my experience. These tips have proven to work really well for me in the initial stages of a common cold. However, if the cold has developed, it is a different story. 

Disclaimer: I advise you seek a health care professional before trying anything suggested. Any health concerns or condition should be addressed by a doctor or other appropriate health care professional.

Here are 7 ways I stop a common cold in its tracks

Monitor food intake 

When we’re sick, sometimes we have little to no appetite. It is important during this time to stick with nutrient-dense food (including fruits and veggies) since they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This will help reduce risk of diseases and malnutrition. Also, avoiding highly processed foods, and high salt content food can aid in nutrient absorption. 

Add herbs & botanicals

One way you can include herbs and botanicals is by drinking tea. It’s both soothing and relaxing. I also like to add fresh garlic to my meals since it has medicinal properties. Herbs and botanicals contain powerful antioxidants, have great nutritional value, and are full of vitamins and minerals. 

Double up on vitamins & minerals

There is conflicting information on whether there are immune functions to supplement with vitamin C and Zinc. Mayo Clinic reports that taking vitamin C can shorten the duration of a cold. They also detailed that taking Zinc has shown mixed results. My take on it is to increase the probability to reduce a common cold before it’s too late. 

Take Echinacea

There is also conflicting information on whether Echinacea can shorten a cold. According to Mayo Clinic there are several studies done with different Echinacea brands that showed different results. As I mentioned earlier, it is best to increase the chances to reduce a common cold before it’s too late. 

Stay hydrated

On a normal day, I always do my best to remain hydrated. When I feel a cold coming, this does not change. Drinking water is necessary for our overall health, and I am sure this is nothing new to you. You can learn more here on how to drink more water daily. Deficits in body water can compromise health, so hydration is a must!

Get plenty of rest

I am like a newborn when it comes to sleep. I love and respect sleep. Don’t take sleep for granted! Without sleep, our immune system will not stay strong. Sleep is where our body repairs itself. I always try to aim for 8 hours, but if I want to stop a common cold in its tracks or I am stressed, I aim for 9 instead. 

Rinse with salt water

If I feel an itchy throat, this would be the next level thing done immediately. I make sure to rinse with salt water before I go to bed or when I wake up in the morning. A few years back, I had a really bad experience with constant throat infections. After learning this method, I have never experienced a major throat infection ever again.

Final thoughts on 7 natural ways I stop a common cold in its tracks

As I mentioned earlier, these are not in any particular order, but I do use them in combination. I also try not to use over the counter medications unless it is a last option. I prefer natural ways to stop a common cold in its tracks because preventative health is everything! 

What do you do immediately to stop a cold from coming?

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