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Apr 25, 2020 | Articles, Fitness, Strength Training

Limiting factors you should know if you’re  working to build muscle

You may already know that what it takes to build muscle is hitting the weights. While that is partially true, there is still more to it. The Truth is, there is no secret to building muscle. However, we all have things we struggle with to get us there. Here are limiting factors that could potentially be hindering your muscle growth. 

Genetic Makeup


Your genetics play a role in determining your weight and athletic abilities. However, you are not completely limited to genetics. Just because you were not born a specific way, does not it is completely impossible, but you have to remain realistic. For this reason, you are not able to train the same as the next person. Understanding your genetics is groundwork for muscle growth. This will help you create an individual nutrition and training plant to meet your goals. 


Gender type is a limiting factor for growing muscle. The hormone testosterone is responsible for the large increase in muscle mass. Women’s testosterone levels are a fraction of men’s testosterone levels. This is why women will never be as big as men when lifting weights unless they take anabolic steroids which is another subject. 


While you can’t choose the type of genes you are born with, you do have other choices that are crucial. The choices you make, such as lifestyle, social/physical environment, and state of mind also play an indirect role in muscle growth. Many people miss out on the opportunity to find their full genetic potential based on the choices they make.

Nutrition Habits

Good vs Bad

Poor nutrition will hold you back. Plain and simple. This is a huge limiting factor for muscle growth. Not everyone is disciplined enough to be consistent or to reduce highly processed foods. Maybe you are eating too much, or eating too little. What are you eating? What are you not eating? Good nutrition will feed your muscles, shed fat, improve recovery, and mood. Good nutrition is having balance. 


This is nothing new to the fitness world. Eating essential macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, good fats, and water are necessary for building muscle. By eating whole foods, you will be benefiting from rish nutrient dense foods your body needs to build muscle. 


I would not say these are forgotten, but they could be sometimes overlooked. So maybe you are eating a nutrient dense diet which is great. But, sometimes a nutrient dense diet can still leave deficiencies in the body. This is a limiting factor since your body will be missing tools needed to complete certain job functions.  



Guess what? You get to choose what lifestyle you want to live. If you choose to be active, then you will get to be more fit, possibly lean, and look great naked. There is extensive research proving an active lifestyle improves our mood and makes us happier. Being active boosts our endorphins, and decreases depression. 


If you choose to be sedentary, then you most likely will gain fat, experience muscle loss, and other health related issues as you age. As you can see, this is a definite limiting factor for muscle growth. So what will it be?  

Other honorable limiting factors for muscle growth


You need to be getting enough sleep. Sleep plays an important role in brain function, systemic physiology across all body systems. If we are not well rested, our body system will not work properly. This can cause a huge hormonal discrepancy. 

Home & Beauty

With so many man-made things we own or come across, we are constantly exposing ourselves to harmful items. For instance, plastic (even BPA free) contain chemicals that have estrogenic activity. Cosmetics and personal care products like shampoo, makeup, and lotion may contain ingredients that lack safety data. All of this can create a hormonal imbalance. 

I am not saying to go live on a deserted island to avoid all man-made things. There are products out there that do take the more natural approach. You just have to do some research and try limiting your exposure. 


Consistency is a limiting factor for muscle growth that many do not recognize as thee problem. Yes, you could be doing everything listed on here correctly. But are you doing it 100% of the time or maybe 90% of the time? Be honest with yourself. 

Conclusion for the limiting factors for building muscle

Now you should be able to understand there is so much more involved in building muscle than just lifting weights. This is the groundwork to get you there. Building muscle has struggles and is not an easy road. You should be able to pinpoint your limiting factor or factors, this way you will have a greater advantage for muscle growth.

Which is your limiting factor?

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